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Today I decided to take that big step..relaunching my website.  I will be honest, my website was just there.  I did not do anything with it and did not invest any time in it either.  It has not sold anything so far but this year with a renewed focus I am hoping that will change. 

I signed up with Create last year but due to personal reasons I stepped away for a while.  It has always been a great platform to use but I probably did not use it to it’s full potential.  This all changed this year when I decided to change my life and what a great decision as at the same time Create launched these new templates.  I am in love with them.  I like the functionality of them and I can do so much more.

I am no computer genious but Create has designed these new templates and site builders which makes it so much easier.  The only thing is that there is not a button to say "It looks amazing! Great job". That is still a nerve racking experience as sometimes what you think looks great might not look great for someone else.   I do like the new look and feel of the site though.  Definately more in line what I think of for my brand.  

Etsy has been my main platform I have sold from online. I did well in brick and mortar shops but I am hoping with the launch of this new site I can take it to the next level.  

What do you think?

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