Rye, my little reminder of Home

Welcome to my first blog post on my newly revamped site. What do you think?  

Firstly let me start of by saying thank you for stopping by, browsing my shop and reading this post.  I really do appreciate it.  It has been a while in the making and thanks to Create I am very pleased with the look and feel of it.  As they do more work in the back ground and there are new releases you will find my site being upated as needs be.  

Now I will get back to the theme of this post, Rye, my little reminder of home.

My family and I had the privelage of staying in a beautiful house in Rye for a friend's surprise birthday party.  It was a weekend of dreams and a welcome break while I was on maternity leave.  It was also the first time that I had left London in a while.  We arrived late night but when we woke up the next morning, I had a quick wander around the main road and it was love at first sight.

Fast forward to a few years later, a holiday in Winchelsea and the In-Laws purchasing a caravan in the Park Holidays Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.  It was a little piece of heaven.  We have been so priveleged to be able to spend school holidays here and impulsive weekends away.  Unfortunately now I spend 99% of my weekends working at my part time job, sneeky weekends away have become a rarety.  Hopefully one day we will be here permanently.

We have started exploring more of Rye this holiday and have gone away from the usual routes and found ourselves in places we never thought we would.

Find below a snapshot of the places we like in Rye and surrounding areas.  Shopping here is very mixed and you will find none of your usual clothing stores or anything but more boutique style shops, art galleries, gift shops, coffee shops and more.

We love wandering down the main road and disappearing up the side streets to see what we can find there.  My daughter has her toy shop that she pops in to and there you will find souviners, magazines and other bits.  While she is in there with her Dad I tend to wander over to Wide Eye for all my skin care needs as well as our soap and shampoos.  I will talk about them more on another post. Then it is a stop at Penny Royal for my woolly needs, Vendula and Cath Kidston fix.  Books we buy at the Rye Book Store which has links with Waterstones.  They have a great selection of kids books and we always make sure to find our Summer reads there. 

Should you feel the need to bring out your inner Monet, pop over to Craft Magic which is near the Rye Book Shop and you will find an array of paints, crafting tools and glitter.  It is perfet for rainy days when you need to find a way to entertain the kids.  They have craft tables in store where you can sit and bring your inner Picasso to life.  This is only available during haft term for 1 hour so do contact them in advance to see if they have availability. 

These are currently our favourite shops but we are still exploring and looking at all the little streets that have tiny shops tucked away off the beaten track.   

If shopping is not your thing and you would like to mix it up with some history then check out the old church and you will find your way to Ypres Tower (along with the Rye Castle Museum) and the Gungarden along with its array of cannons.  For places to eat you are spoilt for choice.  For breakfast and light food try the Apothacery, The Fig and the Mermaid Cafe.  They are all very different in what they serve with the Mermaid Cafe mostly being used for my favourite ice cream, Movenpick.  We stop there normally on our way back from the beach where an ice cream treat is always in order, although my daughter always goes for the pain au chocolat.

Dinner we would do over at the Club house at the caravan park if we are looking for basic food like pizza, burgers and wraps. It works out well as the little one can eat and then go play while the adults enjoy their meal. 

For something more special we love the Globe Inn Marsh.  We have gone there so many times that I have lost count.  The food is great, the drinks are so good with a variety of local beers, ciders and their own home made gin.  Since I don't have to do the driving I order myself the gin board and leave the staff to pick their favourites for me as I want to make sure I don't order my comfort zone gins.  The board is very reasonably priced at ¬£15.00 for 3, which coming from London I think it is very well priced and includes two tonics.  The kids menu is basicly non existent with it only consisting of pizza but it lets my daughter broaden her palette when she wants but they can also be very accommodating with a stubborn and fussy nine year old.

The best part of Rye?  The beaches.  There are pebble beaches and sandy beaches, the choice is yours.    If you find your way to Camber Sands you will have two options.  The first is the "Family going to the Beach for a day" beach with it's over priced parking and tourist shops.  After paying for your parking and walking past the little beach shops which will fleece you for your money because you will need a new bucket and space (the one you bought last time was conveniently forgotten at home by your little one) you will hit miles of white sand.  Be prepared though that this will fill up very quickly on a really hot summers day while everyone is scrambling to enjoy the limited summer the UK has to offer.

My family and I tend to drive through the small town towards Dungeness where at the end of Camber you will find another sandy beach.  It is dog friendly and mostly used by the Kite Surfers.  I have never seen the beach being over crowded which is great and gives us just enough space to set up for the few hours we spend there.  There is ice cream trucks and also a food truck which we have not tried yet because every time we are there it is closed so hopefully next time.  Early evening/late evening you will see more of the kite surfers and you will see horse riders too.  It is nice to just sit there and relax while you listen to waves, pick up shells and watch the world go by.

This is just a quick snap shot of Rye and what we do here and I might need to write another post as I did not want this one to be too long.  I love this place and feel like I have found my home from home.  I hope you liked reading this short post and if you have any suggestions of other places to visit then drop me a line.